Product Blog - RackPc Chassis X445 - Low Cost 4u Short - X-Case

The X445 is an old school type 4u chassis that appeals those looking to Fit standard Pc parts into a 4u Chassis.

Although it has a low price point it is a very solid chassis to work on, Far stronger that a Pc case.  

It supports ATX  12 x 9.6 motherboards and anything smaller including Mini ITX.

It has a front 120mm fan (Ideal for a Radiator when removing the drive bay) and space for 2 rear 60mm

The Chassis has a locking front door, behind this is Power and reset switches as well as USB3. Behind the door are 3 x 5.25" Exposed bays for optical drive or caddy. A 3.5" bay is hidden internally at the bottom of these.

You can add up to 8 internal 3.5" drives , 2.5" drives can be fitted with 3.5"-2.5" adaptors. 

 You can fit longer Gpu cards when not filling up the drive bays, The complete drive bay does remove should you have cards longer than 280mm.

Plenty of room for Psu's with 120-140mm fans - even the larger 1600W ones.

Cpu cooler maximum height is 153mm - Based on motherboard to lid and allowing for Cpu. The unit has 7 Expansion Slots

 Here is a video on the product as well.

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