Custom chassis and end of year updates. - X-Case

It's been a long term dream of mine to design and build Chassis in the UK, Sure it's Cheaper to just order from China and box shift. However that has a lot of limitations and as the business grows and we enter the world of Brexit I am please to say we now have the in house facilities to bespoke build Rackmount Chassis -Made In Britain.

Here is a link to our first project - We will look to introduce a complete range in 2018 as well and offer bespoke production for Chassis and builds.


2016/17 have been exceptional year for X-Case - Turnover up 70% and our next accounts showing 50% increased profit. This has enabled us to fulfill our long term dream of being able to produce our Own Chassis for resell and builds.


2018/19 will be interesting, A lot of unknowns following the lead up and Leaving of the EU. I don't think I will be alone trying to bring production back to the UK and flying the British Flag. It might just be Great !!