New Arrival Gigabyte Mx11-PC0 - Not Just another Itx board !! - X-Case

Just arrived is this new Gigabyte itx Server board. Worth a mention because it unusually has dual lan and an NVMe Port

Gigabyte MX11-PC0

Supporting the Latest Xeon E3 V5 Cpu's as well and Celeron and Pentium 6th Generation Cpu;s.

NVMe Technology

The MX11-PC0 is built with a mini-SAS HD connector capable to connect one NVMe drive to the motherboard. With higher IOPS, lower latency, and lower power consumption, the NVMe technology is designed to deliver much faster data transfer performance between a storage device and the processor. Compared to other of types of storage connectivity, NVMe has up to:

6 x

larger bandwidth than SATA III
3 x

lower latency than SATA III
4 x

larger bandwidth than SAS3
7 x

lower latency than SAS3