Quad Gpu Nvidia 980ti 4u Rackmount Build - X-Case

Building a 4 way double width Gpu server takes a little working out, Standard 7 slot 4u Rackmount Chassis need to be adapted and motherboard position changed.  It's a common build for us at X-Case so I thought I would share a common parts list based around four Nvidia 980Ti.

  1. Chassis Chenbro RM 41300 with Optional rear Gpu window.
  2. 1500W Corsair AX1500i  - 1200W will fall over on stress test.
  3. Asrock  X99 WS-E/10G With 7 Pci Express x 16 + 10Gb Lan
  4. i7 Extreme Cpu Socket 2011 V3  Or Xeon E5 2600V3 
  5. 64GB DDR 4 Memory -ECC With Xeon (Up to 128GB)
  6. 4 x 6GB Gpu 980ti or 12GB Titan X  

Standard Chassis comes with no fans, We fit 2 x rear 80mm, 1 x 120mm in front of Graphics cards and a further 80mm in front of HDD or SSD.

If you would like further info or a Quote on such a server please email sales@xcase.co.uk for a Quote.

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