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Dynatron L3 1u Watercooling System

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Expect Maximum Performance and High Efficiency from Dynatron’s L3 All-in-one Enclosed 1U Server Liquid Cooler. Saving Power and Reducing Noise.  Three 40x40x28mm PWM fans with maximum 12000rpm fan speed. Support CPU TDP up to 165 Watts. Compatible withboth Intel and AMD CPUs.

2 Ball Bearing

Rated Voltage



At Duty Cycle 20%: 2.4 W
At Duty Cycle 50%: 4.5 W
At Duty Cycle 100%: 8.4 W

Noise Level

At Duty Cycle 20%: 30.30 dBA
At Duty Cycle 50%: 43.65 dBA
At Duty Cycle 100%: 52.80 dBA

Air Flow

At Duty Cycle 20%: 9.20 CFM
At Duty Cycle 50%: 15.52 CFM
At Duty Cycle 100%: 24.84 CFM

Air Pressure

At Duty Cycle 20%: 4.025 mm-H2O
At Duty Cycle 50%: 11.95 mm-H2O
At Duty Cycle 100%: 32.01 mm-H2O

Lead Wire Pin Out

Pin1- (-)
Pin2- (+)
Pin3- (Techometer/Signal output)
Pin4- (PWM)

Water Pump

Stand-alone Water Pump with Powerful Flow Rate 0.84 Litter Per Minute


Space Saver Light Weight Radiator

Cold Plate

Cold Plate Module with Copper Base

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