Minestation 4 Customer Build - Up to 13 Gpu

Exc. VAT : £ 369.00
Inc. VAT : £ 442.80

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Minestation 4 Customer Build - Up to 13 Gpu

£ 369.00 Excl. VAT £ 442.80 Incl. VAT

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The Minestation 4 custom build is capable off running up to 13 Double Width Graphic cards. Building a mining Rig can be a frustrating business, Each parts needs to be added in a set order - otherwise a great deal of time can be wasted trying to find a faulty board,Riser, USB lead or other component. Yes you can save some money as a self build but it can be a  real stress and if it does not work out well it will end up costing you more than expected.

Our mine-station Rigs are built in Metal Chassis. Open Rigs made from local DIY store parts are no way to house a number of expensive components that will get hot. Without proper cooling with fan based airflow you are putting yourself and equipment at risk.

Everything is 100% New, We will only use brand new products in our builds. The only use your system will get is a burn in test where will will send you a link of your system running on our Farm. You can even Keep it running at our premises for a monthly fee if preferred*

All Boxes, Gpu's and motherboard are carefully opened and resealed . We send these out with the system so you can resell them if required at a later date - Ideal if upgrading cards.


The Minestation 4 custom build is based around a short 6u height chassis. It does not fit into a Standard 19" rack . They are fine Freestanding and can be stacked or warehouse type racked.

It can fit 13 Double width cards, these can be AMD or Nvidia or Mixed if your mining software (claymore) supports it - However we would suggest 9 Gpu's as this gives a good space between cards and works from a single Psu. For systems above 9 cards please add a second Psu  ( 2 x 1000W) - * Standard Gpu drivers can not support 13 cards - You would need to mix Nvidia and AMD cards

Standard Specification

  • Minestation 4 Chassis
  • 120GB SSD Internally Fitted
  • Choice of 1000W-1600W Psu's
  • 12 x 120mm Fans (Fan Grills fitted to front fans)
  • 9 x Riser Cards (Or More as required)
  • Choice of Mining Board 
  • Choice of 4 or 8GB memory
  • Choice of available Video cards
  • Choice of Operating System

Once Purchased your miner will be built to specification, It will be setup within our own Mining Farm and a link showing clearly your Miner running. You can monitor your miner for as long as you want to be sure it is stable before we ship to you. We will overclock the cards within safe and stable limits to ensure everything works.


 *Subject to availability