Placing a standard stock item order.

Nothing complicated here, just add the item to your cart and checkout, we accept Paypal or most cards. Our stock is updated every hour we show availability of the items.

If your placing an order for a few items and want to be sure we have them all and that they are compatible you can use the "Save Basket feature" Once done we can see your Cart and advise any issues or Questions you might have.

Custom Pc - Save Cart

We are of the conclusion that most people know what they want in their Pc and are perfectly capable of choosing the parts for it, As such we don't run Pc configurators but allow freedom of choosing parts from the store for a Build. Once you have chosen your parts save your basket (You will need to login for this) and send us the link to your saved parts. We will check the parts are compatible add a very small build charge and leave it with you to decide if to go ahead. We won't email you, ring you or chase- totally up to you.

Custom Server

We do offer configurators for some builds, These can be saved or printed. If you know what you need or have an outline idea please send us an email to for an offsite Quote.

Items not in stock

We do not take web orders for items not in stock, However we are happy to try and source an items not in stock or put a backorder on the item for you. To do this please use the "Request Quote" button. 

Special Order Items With Request Quote

Many server items need to be ordered on request, We are very proactive at getting items not available on websites directly for Asus, Asrock, Supermicro etc.

Once requested we will make a Quote with lead time. 



Any other Questions please email