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15u ZH Wallmount Cabinet 500mm - Chassis up to 400mm

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Inc. VAT : £ 48.00
Brand: X-Case

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Our WM (Wall Mount ) cabinets come in a range of "U" , They are fully assembled and packaged well. 

  • Fully Assembled
  • Well Packaged
  • Locking Front Glass door
  • Strong/Sturdy
  • Amazing Value
  • Feautures:
    Double section welded frame structure;
    Easy operation and maintaining at the back;
    19” standard installation;
    Removable side panels, side locks are optional, easy installing and maintaining;
    Cable entry at the top cover and bottom panel;
    120mm fan optional;
    Turning angle of front door is above 180 degrees;
    Turning angle of rear door is above 90 degrees;

    Main material:
    SPCC cold rolled steel;
    Thickness:mounting profile 2.0mm, mounting angle 1.5mm, others 1.2mm.

    Surface finish:
    Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coated;

    Degree of protection:

    Loading capacity:
    Static loading: 60KG

Shipping outside Of UK 


We are able to ship to any Country.  We have excellent rates !!


1 x 20 Kilo  Server Chassis to France, Germany, Netherlands, Germany Etc  just £10.

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