Arctic Freezer 4U-M Multicompatible 4U Single Tower CPU Cooler, Intel/AMD Server CPUs, Continuous Operation, Dual Socket Compatibility, 350W TDP

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Versatile Multi-Compatible Server Cooler

The Freezer 4U-M stands as a multi-compatible server cooler, boasting an expansive contact surface and an enhanced mounting mechanism. It now offers compatibility with a wide range of Intel and AMD server processors, including Intel's LGA 4189 and LGA 4677, as well as AMD's SP6, sTR5, SP3, TR4, sTRX4, and sWRX8 sockets. Remarkably, despite its impressive cooling capabilities, the Freezer 4U consumes a mere 2.88 watts, ensuring exceptional efficiency in cooling even the most powerful processors with up to 64 cores and a TDP of up to 350 watts.

RAM Compatibility and Clearance

The Freezer 4U offers a spacious 53 mm of RAM clearance, allowing for the use of memory sticks with moderate heatsinks. This clearance allows efficient airflow and enables compatibility with different RAM variants.

Compact Design and Dual Socket Compatibility

With an optimised installation height of only 145 mm, it fits into both classic 4U server racks and most consumer 4U cases available on the market. The Freezer 4U features a compact design with dimensions of just 156 x 124 mm. This also makes it suitable for dual-socket motherboards. To adjust the airflow direction if required, the fans can be easily swapped over.

Powerful Fans in Push-Pull Configuration

The installed PWM fans benefit from all the advantages of the award-winning P series. Designed for static pressure, the fans are ideal for the Freezer 4U-M's high fin density and provide efficient heat dissipation in push-pull mode, even in power-hungry applications. Especially office workstations benefit from the quiet fans. The dual configuration also allows for inherent redundancy and protects the system from total shutdown caused by heat.

Designed for continuous operation

Both fans of the Freezer 4U-M are equipped with dual ball bearings, which allows for 24/7 continuous operation without the slightest compromise in performance. This type of bearing is much more resistant to contamination and wear caused by high temperatures than conventional sleeve bearings or Fluid-Dynamic bearings and is therefore the perfect choice if you want to ensure fault-free continuous operation.

Premium Thermal Paste Included

The Freezer 4U-M comes with MX-6 thermal paste. ARCTIC's Ultimate Performance thermal paste reduces the heat build-up between the heat spreader of the CPU and the cooler. The thermal paste is neither conductive nor capacitive and therefore absolutely safe to use.

Package Weight
Double Ball Bearing
Noise level
40 dBA
Consumption: 2.88 W Fan Current | Voltage_ 0.12A | 12V DC Fan Startup Voltage_ 8V DC
Additional Features
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Package Type
To be confirmed
400 - 2300 RPM
6 Years
#Hide#sTRX4 Socket
Supports Socket sTRX4
#Hide#sTR4 Socket
Supports Socket sTR4

Fan Bearing
Rotation Speed
Intel: LGA4189, LGA4677 AMD_ SP6, SP3, sTR5, TR4, sTRX4, SWRX8
350W TDP
Fan Connector(s)
#Hide#LED Lighting
LED Lighting
1275 g
124 mm (L) x 156 mm (W) x 145 (H) mm Heat Pipe_ Direct Touch, Ø 6 mm x 8 Fan Cable Length_ 200 mm
Fan Dimensions
120mm Fans x2
Fan Controller

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