Asus (PCE-BE92BT) BE9400 Wi-Fi 7 Tri-Band PCI Express Adapter, Bluetooth 5.4, WPA3, External Base/Antennas

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WiFi 7 PCI-E Adapter with 2 external antennas and magnetized base, supporting 6GHz band, 320MHz, Bluetooth 5.4, WPA3 network security, only compatible with lntel motherboards

  • Ultrafast WiFi 7 – 2.4X faster speeds, improved connection efficiency and better network security
  • All-new 6 GHz Band and 320 MHz Bandwidth – Less congestion and interference for WiFi connections
  • Latest Bluetooth® 5.4 – Security, reliability and energy efficiency improvement comparing to last-gen high-speed Bluetooth 5.3
  • Reducing Dead Zones with External Antenna – Freestanding transceiver and connecting cable allows easy positioning for the best reception
  • Platform Support Guide – Works with Windows 11, compatible with Intel Gen 13th and later versions of CPUs; only compatible with lntel motherboards
The WiFi 7 Leader

ASUS provides a total solution for the latest WiFi 7 standard, from routers to wireless PCIe® cards. With carefully designed engineering and supporting software, ASUS WiFi 7 total solution ensures optimized capabilities and performance.
* PCE-BE92BT only supports PCI-Express x1 standard, please install the adapter in PCI-e x1 slot.

Least Congested WiFi

ASUS PCE-BE92BT is a WiFi 7 PCIe® card that allows your PC to connect to a WiFi 7 router via the dedicated 6 GHz band. This means it will not compete for bandwidth with non-WiFi 6E/7 devices. The all-new 6 GHz band, with the least congested signal interference, provides up to 320MHz bandwidth, boosting speeds up to 5.7Gbps.

Ultrafast WiFi 7

Desktop Upgrade
With WiFi 7’s 6 GHz technology and wide 320 MHz channels, PCE-BE92BT delivers wireless speeds that are up to 2.4X faster* than WiFi 6 / 6E devices, making it perfect for even the most bandwidth-demanding tasks.
*Comparison based on a 2x2 320 MHz WiFi 7 PCIe card versus a 2x2 160 MHz WiFi 6 / 6E PCIe card

Instant Bluetooth® Upgrade

Slot PCE-BE92BT into your PC for an instant upgrade to the latest Bluetooth® 5.4 technology, improves power consumption, supporting large networks and optimizing energy consumption. It allows for flexible network configurations and various applications, prioritizing energy efficiency.

Better WiFi with Optimal Antenna Placement

PCE-BE92BT comes with an external transceiver that allows you to position the antennas outside of your PC chassis, and adjust their angle for less interference and optimal signal reception. The magnetized base allows even more flexible placement.

Enhanced Network Security with WPA3

PCE-BE92BT uses the WPA3 WiFi security protocol, providing your PC with an extra layer of protection against external attacks to give you added peace of mind.


Adapter Type
Bluetooth 5.4 IEEE 802.11be
PCI-Express x1
Transmission Method
Max Data Transfer Rate
5764 Mbps
Standards and Protocols
3 Years
2 x External Antennas with Magnetised Base
2.4GHz: up to 688 Mbps 5GHz_ up to 2882 Mbps 6GHz_ up to 5764 Mbps
Wireless Security
WPA3 Network Security
120.5 x 88.5 x 21.6 mm
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