Minestation 1 Cyrpto AMD Mining Rig with 6 Gpu - Available from 14th August - Limited Availability.

Exc. VAT : £ 2,349.00
Inc. VAT : £ 2,818.80

Our Minestation 1 Miner is ideal for placing on warehouse type racking,  stacking or using standard 19" Racks. It's fitted with Asrocks H110PRO BTC mining board, EVGA's 1000W Psu and 6 SAPPHIRE RADEON RX 470 8GB MINING cards.

We fit 6 High Quality cooling fans to make sure you have no cooked cards.

These will mine Eth at a hash rate of around 130.

Unlike Mining Rigs on Ebay everything is New , We carefully remove the parts from packaging and send all boxes should you wish to resell in the future.

We will test the system once the order is placed for 1 Day. A link to your unit will be sent showing it's working status. If you wish us to host your miner this can be arranged.

Please note we want our workers to live long and prosper, We do not overclock - If you flash the BIOS of the cards we warranty will be voided.

Windows 10 is loaded for testing purposes if not bought.


  • 6u Short Mining Chassis - Minestation 1
  • EVGA 1000W Psu
  • Asrock Mining Motherboard (12 Pci Slots for future upgrades)
  • intel Celeron Cpu
  • 4G DDR 4 memory
  • 6 Saphire Radeon 8Gb RX 470 (OEM NO Packing Boxes)
  • 6 Riser Cards



Don't want the bother of self hosting, we will look after you miner for a small monthly charge. We can also resell it for you when it has made back it's money.

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