My Custom i7 Extreme Gpu Server - 41300 for Up to 4 Double Width Gpu

Exc. VAT : £ 149.00
Inc. VAT : £ 178.80
Brand: Chenbro

Our custom 4u Gpu Server uses a special adapted Chenbro 4u Chassis with 8 Expansion Slots.

As well as the 4 Gpu's we can fit up to 4 drives 2.5" or 3.5"

  • 4u Chassis 550mm Deep
  • Latest i7 Extreme Cpu
  • Choice of Motherboards
  • 8 Expansion Slots
  • Front 120mm and rear 80mm Fans
  • Top Vent 
  • Choice Of Gpu Choose 1-4

Simply click on Customise Product and add parts as required

Shipping outside Of UK 


We are able to ship to any Country.  We have excellent rates !!


1 x 20 Kilo  Server Chassis to France, Germany, Netherlands, Germany Etc  just £10.

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