My Custom Jbod 24 Bay

Exc. VAT : £ 589.00
Inc. VAT : £ 706.80
Brand: X-Case

Build up your own Jbod system using our 24 Bay Storage Chassis. The RM424 Pro Chassis has an Expander backplane ideal for making a Jbod secondary system that can connect to a host. Once connected you can add further Jbods for extra expansion.


  • 24 Bay Chassis for 2.5" or 3.5" drives
  • SAS expander Backplane supporting SGPIO
  • Choice of single or Redundant Psu

A Bit of help

You definitely need a Psu and the Jbod power board as well as the Intel® RAID Converter Board RCVT8788. You will need an Internal 8087 to 8087 cable from Intel card to backplane.

Externally depending on the Host unit you will need a HBA or Raid card with an external port, or you can add a second  RCVT8788 to your host box if you card has internal ports only.

Of course if your host box has no HBA or raid card you need to add one.




Shipping outside Of UK 


We are able to ship to any Country.  We have excellent rates !!


1 x 20 Kilo  Server Chassis to France, Germany, Netherlands, Germany Etc  just £10.

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