My Custom Server 216BE1C-R920LPB 2u with 24 x 2.5" Hotswap Bays -Expander Backplane

Exc. VAT : £ 1,099.00
Inc. VAT : £ 1,318.80
Brand: Supermicro

This My Custom Server build uses the Supermicro Superchassis 216BE1C-R920LPB. 

Standard Parts

  • 2u with 24 Hotswap Bays
  • 12GB Backplane with SAS expander
  • 920 W 80+ Platinum Psu
  • Rear Hotswap Caddy MCP-220-82609.

The SAS expander backplane allows all 24 drives to be run from a 4 -16 port Raid or HBA card. It has 4 Cable inputs but you can just use 1 upwards.

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We build these up to order so allow 7 Working Days for build and test.

If you need anything adding to the parts list, Different board, Drive etc just email us and we will add it.

Shipping outside Of UK 


We are able to ship to any Country.  We have excellent rates !!


1 x 20 Kilo  Server Chassis to France, Germany, Netherlands, Germany Etc  just £10.

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