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Sandberg Wireless Charger Suction Ring, 10W, Micro USB, Stand, 360° Rotate, 5 Year Warranty

Exc. VAT : £ 7.28
Inc. VAT : £ 8.74
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Wireless Charger Suction Ring

With Sandberg Wireless Charger Suction Ring, you can charge your smartphone completely wirelessly! Just place your smartphone on the stylish charging plate. That's all! Your phone will start charging immediately without any cables attached to it. The charger supports QI-compatible smartphones.~

  • Attaches your phone by suction cups
  • Stand function by foldable metal ring
  • Supports 10W fast charge
  • Connectors_ 1 x Micro USB female
  • Input_ 9V 1.8A / 5V 2.0A
  • Output_ 10W (Max.)
  • Frequency_ 110 - 205 KHz
  • Charging distance_ ≤10 mm
  • Charging efficiency_ 85%
  • Wireless standard_ Qi


Designed For
Type Of Charger
Wireless Charger
1 x Micro USB female
9V 1.8A / 5V 2.0A
10W (Max.)
5 Years
Additional Features
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Package Contents
1 x Sandberg Wireless Charger Pad 10W 1 x Micro USB cable 1M
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0.1200 kg