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X-Case 1u Active Blower/Cooler For Socket 1150/1155/1156/1151

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Brand: X-Case

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The X-Case 1u Active blower is used in our system builds, we have had less than 1/500 Failure. They work very well keeping the Cpu cool even when a system is lacking in ventelation and other cooling.

They come with the Plate that goes under your motherboard, The fan is enclosed to prevent dust and has a 4 pin motherboard connector so the BIOS can control it's function which means it runs without a lot of noise.

  • For Intel Socket 1156/55/50
  • Includes Under Board Retention Plate
  • Copper Base & Enclosed Fan
  • 4 Pin Cable allow Bios Control
  • Cpu Paste Included

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