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X-Case 4000 Big Open 4u - No optical-No External Drive Cages

Exc. VAT : £ 49.00
Inc. VAT : £ 58.80
Brand: X-Case

The 4K "Big Open" chassis takes away optical drives, Drive cages and other clutter and leave a big open platform allowing for creative modification.

It's Strong, with no wobble , It's ideal for many applications where old style chassis no longer make sense. It can take dual front 120MM fans with easy clean dust filters, You can still add storage drives at the top of the chassis on a cross member.

It has Front USB 3 x 2


HDD support 3.5 "hard disk 2; 2.5" HDD six
motherboards support 12 "13" (305 * 340mm ) industrial motherboard
fan a 12025 fan, optional (1 and 2 6025 12025 Fan Fan)
power supply supports standard ATX power
extension seven full-height PCI slots straight

  • Model: 4000 
    Size: 482 (W) * 450 (D) * 178 mm (height)
    Motherboard: 12 " * 13" and below
    Hard Disk: two 3.5-inch hard drives and six 2.5-inch hard disk
    drive: None optical drive
    power: ATX power supply
    fan: 1 x 12025 fan included , optional 12CM fan [2 x Optional rear 6cm]
    expansion slots: 7 full-height slot straight

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