Product Blog - X235L2-LCD 2u Short Rack Pc Chassis - X-Case

As we move away from external drives bays we now see more and more Chassis that have a clean, professional looking front panel. Again as storage requirements changes from mechanical drives to motherboard based NVME or 2.5" SATA drives the chassis become smaller deceasing the Rack Depth required also ideal for flight cases.

The X235L2- LCD is aimed at this Audio.Video type market. Where your likely to be using desktop parts , fast loading NVME drive and maybe an SSD for storage.

The front panel has a clean smooth fascia with LCD display showing Time on - Temperature - and Fan status. The front also has USB 3 Ports.

The Chassis supports Micro Atx, And Mini ITX motherboards - Here fitted with a Micro ATX board. It also has 4 half height expansion slots.

The chassis is just 350mm deep, it has 2 x 80mm front fans connected to the LCD. We offer Seasonic ES Power solutions for the Chassis 350W-600W these come with an 8cm cooling fan required for this 2u Chassis. Here fitted with 1 x SSD . The system can take 3 x 3.5" or 2 x 3.5" and 1 x SSD -If you require more SSD you can use converters.


This system is Intel based i7, The standard retail boxed cooler has no height issues in a 2u system. The 80mm installed fans bring clean air towards the cooler.

Here is a short Video on the Chassis.



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