Icy Box (IB-2227STS) Mobile Rack for 2x HDD/SSD into 1x 3.5" Bay, Lockable, Hot Swap, LED Indicator

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Mobile rack for 2x HDD/SSD for 1x 3.5" bay with lock

  • Backplane - Mobile rack for 1x 3.5" bay
  • HDD - 2x 2.5" HDD/SSD up to 9.5 mm height
  • Locable
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Swap® - tool less HDD or SSD installation and exchange
  • Hot Swap
  • LED Power and HDD Access




This is the way for two 2.5" SATA HDDs or SSDs to fit into a 3.5" bay. Each has its own front-flap and an LED for power and access indication. Easy Swap allows for quick mounting and demounting without any tool.

Disk Festival Ground

Built-in a 3.5" drive bay, each HDD has its own bay, in which it's easily mounted and removed again. The installation and removal of hard drives happens without tools.

Better Safe than Sorry

Both HDD trays can be opened or locked seperatly. No unauthorized person has access to the hard drives. Internally, the mobile rack is connected via 2x SATA connectors. For the LED displays, there are two separate 4-pin connectors.

Cooling and Stable

The casing is mainly made of metal, wherein the front panel is still extra-high-quality aluminum. Metals are known for their excellent thermal conductivity (passive convection). This ensures a certain coolness, without making the mobile rack loud.

0.257 kg 102 x 25 x 133 mm
Fits in
3.5" Bay
Designed for
2 x 2.5" HDD/SSD Up to 9.5mm height
Stainless Steel / Plastic / Aluminium
Additional Features

Lockable Easy Swap - toolless HDD/SSD installation and exchange Hot Swap LED Power and HDD Access
Package Type
Package Weight
0.4450 kg
2 Years

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