XPC-140 - N100 Quadcore Rackmount Pc - Add Memory and NVME - Ultra Quiet

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XPC-140 - N100 Quadcore Rackmount Pc - Advanced Computing at Your Fingertips

This very simple yet powerfull system uses a fanless design embedded motherboard with Quadcore Cpu. Ideal windows 11 base units that are rackable. Experience smooth, quiet performance with the N100 Quadcore and its fanless design. No distractions, only top-of-the-line components for your ultimate Windows 11 experience.

As standard with

  • 1u Chassis 400mm 
  • 250W Seasonic 80+ low noise Psu
  • Asrock N100 Motherboard with Quadcore Cpu

System will support 1 x Dimm, 1 x NVME SSD + 2 SSD or HDD

The XPC-140 - N100 is a high-performing quadcore rackmount pc that combines cutting-edge technology and a small footprint. It is designed with performance in mind, equipped with a powerful quadcore processor, making it perfect for demanding applications and high-end computing.

Our rackmount pc is designed in a 1U short embedded format that makes it ultra-quiet, yet powerful. This makes the XPC-140 - N100 quadcore rackmount pc an excellent choice for workplaces, homes, or anywhere else where noise can be an issue.

Adding memory and NVME to your XPC-140 - N100 quadcore rackmount pc drastically improves its performance, allowing it to handle more demanding tasks more effectively. It's the perfect solution for users who need a robust, yet quiet, rackmount pc that delivers superior performance. The XPC-140 - N100 provides an exceptional quadcore computing experience that is efficient, powerful, and most importantly, silent. So, why wait? Get your hands on this versatile rackmount pc today!

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